Ted Wallmansson

Each plan is tailored to harness the collective strengths of his team, fostering innovation while driving competitive advantage.

Turning numerical data into concrete, easily implemented strategies that streamline success.

Ted Wallmansson is an accomplished e-commerce strategist and business consultant with over a decade of experience in leading digital transformation and marketing strategies across various industries. As an educated art director and holding a diploma in marketing economics, Ted’s expertise blends creative vision with strategic business practices, driving growth and efficiency in competitive markets.

His professional path is marked by significant achievements, including his tenure at Svea®, where he led digital business development and marketing initiatives that significantly bolstered the brand’s online presence. His approach always integrates a keen analysis of market trends with a clear focus on tangible outcomes, making him a pivotal asset to any enterprise aiming to excel in the digital age.

Connect with Ted: Collaborate, Consult, Create.

For collaborations, inquiries, or just to exchange ideas, you can reach Ted at via email or connect on LinkedIn. Whether it’s discussing potential projects, exploring new strategies, or a simple meet-and-greet, Ted is open to a wide array of professional opportunities.