A Creative Dynasty:
The Wallmansson’s Journey

Tracing the journey of creativity and innovation through generations, from their beginnings in Borås’s dynamic nightlife to leading the edge in digital commerce, by venturing into textile innovation and establishing a significant presence in Estonia as the Iron Curtain lifted.

Rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit that ignited within the vibrant nightlife of 1970s Borås, Sweden, the Wallmansson family embarked on an extraordinary journey. From the pulsating beats of discotheques to the forefront of the textile and fashion industry, they’ve masterfully woven a legacy that spans both time and geography. Their pioneering efforts expanded beyond Swedish borders, setting a strong foothold in Estonia, just as the Iron Curtain lifted, demonstrating their foresight and adaptability in seizing opportunities.

With a deep-seated passion for innovation and a keen eye for the evolving marketplace, the Wallmanssons transitioned from traditional textile manufacturing to dominating the digital commerce landscape. The crowning achievement in this saga was the development and nurturing of Svea, a brand that under their stewardship grew into a beacon of Swedish design and entrepreneurship.

This journey culminated in 2021 when Svea proudly became part of Boozt Fashion, a testament to the Wallmanssons’ dedication, strategic prowess, and the enduring value they created, celebrated by a partnership with a leading entity in the fashion industry.

The family’s cherished sixth member, Svea, was divested in 2021. The picture radiates Svea’s iconic style with attitude and a playful sparkle.
At Atelier Smedjan: NojiNoji by John-John Wallmansson, where eclectic and deeply personal decoration meets happiness.

Beyond fashion, the Wallmanssons have diversified their entrepreneurial ventures into a variety of sectors, including real estate and the stock market.

Notably, they established Atelier Smedjan on the Bjärehalvön in southern Sweden, which serves as a creative hub that embodies their commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

The Wallmansson narrative is not just a story of business acumen but a reflection of a family that continuously pushes boundaries, blending the artistry of traditional craftsmanship with the boundless potential of the digital age. Their journey from Borås to the global stage is a source of inspiration, showcasing a relentless pursuit of excellence and a visionary approach that has left an indelible mark on the industries they’ve touched.

“Innovation isn’t just about discovering new paths, but about creating them for those who follow.”


Christer is the fountain of ideas whose creative energy and initiative laid the foundation for the family’s successes, with a special ability to spot opportunities where others didn’t.


As the true leader and business mind of the family, Kiki has steered the family’s direction with a mix of strategic acumen and design sensitivity, crucial for their sustained success.

Bobo ›

Bobo, with his profound creativity, contributes not just artistic innovation but also a unique perspective that challenges and inspires the family’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ted ›

Known for his strategic thinking, Ted has played a key role in refining and adapting the family’s business models for an increasingly digital world, ensuring their relevance and growth.

John-John ›

John-John, a creative powerhouse, propels the family’s creative ventures with visionary design while alongside pioneering his own company and brand NojiNoji.